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Harlem Hookups

ecww.ru is an awesome community. A very interesting community built up of lots of horny and sexually curious individuals. So what better way to guide your curiosity than to read this week’s exclusive ecww.ru amateur interview on our blog.

This week’s account is relatively new on ecww.ru having signed up only 1 year ago he has managed to collect an astonishing 1.2 million profile views and almost 1.3 million video views!

Pretty awesome stats for a profile that is so new. Keep in mind that even though it is a relatively new profile he has provided us with a whopping 290 unique videos with a very unique niche.

Harlem-Hookups is all about reverse interracial!

White guys that love using black dudes! So all you fans out there that love reverse interracial can find it all here on Harlem’s profile. There is even some kinky race play stuff here for his fans that like things a little more intense!  So whip out your cocks and have plenty of lube handy because you’re definitely going to need it!

There is also a ton of free stuff on his profile as well that is specially created for all his college bro fans!

I have to admit the answers to this interview are pretty kinky and will have you checking out his profile before you even manage to finish reading the blog.

I hope this interview incites you to check out more of his content as well as following him on his social media pages that are listed at the bottom of the interview.


  1. When did you start filming amateur porn and what made you want to start?

I started Filming amateur porn in 2013.

  1. How long have you been a member of ecww.ru?

I’ve been a member on ecww.ru since 2009-2011 maybe. My original profile was Cocky_Cock25 where I just made vids for fun. I loved seeing the comments people would make about my videos!

  1. What were your best experiences on ecww.ru up here? And the worst?

My best experiences here on ecww.ru would have to be interacting with the fans and when I started making Amateur vids here. The worst experience is when my original account was deleted Harlem_Hookups. I had it for quite a while and I lost all of my followers.

  1. What excites you?

The thing that excites me the most is Big White Dick. I love interracial. I specifically love reverse interracial. Typically in porn you see black guys dominating a white guy. It is very very rare to see this done in reverse. So I pride myself on making content like this and it has been extremely successful.

  1. At what frequency do you masturbate?

I masturbate about 3-4 times a day. I’m pretty horny all the time and I’m always thinking of a new vid!

  1. How can we improve your experience on ecww.ru?

ecww.ru is the birthplace for amateur porn. But it doesn’t update its look or feel very often. It’s still pretty much the same sense from when I started. I think updating the look to a more modern platform would really excite fans of the site and draw in new ones. I also think that changing how the top rated and most viewed profiles section is done. They also never change. Some of the guys in the most viewed section barely have videos or even followers. I also think that for a 50% split you guys could do more to market members who upload regularly.

  1. Do you have a lot of meetings with your fans?

I have met fans before. But it’s not something I seek out. If I find them attractive and they want to make a vid I usually meet them.

  1. Have you ever considered to make professional porn?

As far as professional porn goes, I have had my own label for 3 years now. I started this because it became so popular here. But I didn’t have much control over how exposed my content was. So I branched out on my own and have experienced tremendous growth! So I guess in that sense I make professional porn because I started my own LLC. The content has a heavy amateur feel to it still. But I always use high quality cameras, interesting angles, good lighting and unconventional cameras you don’t typically use in porn.

  1. Are you the only person who films when you are in action?

I typically do the filming and I am also in the videos. Usually ill use a tripod or some other tool. Sometimes there is a person holding a camera.

  1. What can we expect from you in 2018?

In 2018 I plan on making a new series of drone porn travelling to major cities and further growing the reverse interracial niche. There is such a high demand for it and currently I’m the only one making this kind of porn consistently. I think this explains my success. So I want to take it all the way.

  1. What would you most want our community to know about you?

I started here on ecww.ru and it is like home. I have gained so much financial independence from starting here it has changed my life.

  1. What are your biggest challenges as an amateur pornographer now?

My biggest challenge now is that this has gotten too big for just me to handle. HarlemHookups has become so popular that in a sense it has become bigger than I am. I have created a niche for white tops and black bottoms. Everything I know about the porn world, I learned myself. So there is still a ton of things I don’t know.

I don’t know where to begin to collaborate with people like you on getting more exposure. My tumbler has 70k followers and still growing quickly. My Twitter had 50K followers but no longer exists. My personal website is nearing 600 paid subscribers a month. I would like to expand and work on bigger productions.

The thing I love most about this if even not more than the sex is the cinematography. I put a lot of work into editing. At my core I pride myself on the film work. So finding other people with the same porn aspirations is difficult when I take this so seriously. It would be awesome if I could talk to someone here about expanding even more or developing a team. I am a product of the work you guys put into ecww.ru.

  1. What were the most significant changes you have seen in the industry since you started?

The most significant changes I have seen in the industry is the movement towards amateur porn. People are wanting porn they can relate to. People want to see that unexpected hot guy or girl having sex in real life places. A new generation is forming around porn and they are less and less interested in studio porn with acting and sets. I create beautiful scenes that are well done minus the sets and acting. But I make up for it in the quality of the cameras and the creative editing.


  1. Have you been approached by any majors? If so what made you decide to remain independent?

I have been approached by cockyboys. They have been wanting to collaborate with my label as of recently. But I know so little about the porn industry that I am cautious. And I would much rather create my own wealth and my own porn legacy.

  1. Out of all your videos on ecww.ru which is your favorite?

This last question about my favorite video is quite hard! I have produced over 400 videos all 20 minutes or more! I will say that my favorite ones are the race play videos which are also growing in popularity. Some people consider this taboo. But it is a small percentage of what I typically make. I have only 5 race play videos. But they are the most popular ones and always generate the most money. I think I may have tapped into another niche!


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