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About Me was under legal scrutiny and they had to delete any photos or videos from user accounts that did not have proof of age on file, so deleted over 350 of my videos.

If you have a favorite video that you enjoyed in the past, message me here and I will reupload it. I love to hear when guys like my crazy videos.

I'm a mature, horny, fit guy. I love life. I like confident guys, if you like yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, I"ll probably like you too. I used to be "my8kitso" but they deleted that account. Pajero de Buenos Aires. I love to masturbate with guys! Cock to cock dick fights are HOT! Double fucking a FleshLight with another dude is amazing!

I wrote this for a friend and thought it might be useful to others:

Thanks man, I really do appreciate your message, sometimes I think my videos are silly, but then I hear when guys like my crazy videos and it keeps me motivated to make more.

I really don't believe in labels like bi/str8/gay, I think it is society and the church that tries to control us by using guilt to control us in how we should behave. I believe we are sexual creatures and if it feels good, and you are a consenting adult, I think everyone should be able to explore sexual pleasure without judgement. I also believe in the bell curve of statistics and I think 80% of people could be bisexual if they wanted with just 10% exclusively hetero or homosexual on each end of the bell curve.

As you explore your sexuality, if you don't like something, don't do it, you shouldn't do something you're not comfortable with, but if you go slow, and you trust someone, I think opening yourself to new ideas about pleasure is a healthy thing, both for yourself and for how you go about your daily life. We all have stress in our lives, jobs, neighbors, etc. I look at sexual pleasure as a form of meditation, I think it can relax us, make us more self centered spiritually, and allow us to deal with the realities and stress of every day life. I think the world would be a much better place if we all just masturbated more.

To me, sex is a sport and you can't be good at any sport without practice. Sex should be enjoyable, and make you feel content and fulfilled, not shamed or guilty because you did something someone else would say is wrong. Something that was told to me when I was 22 years old (while relaxing and enjoying Gallo from a big jug) is that no matter what you say and do, there will always be someone directly in front of you saying, "You are right, you are SO right, you couldn't be MORE right!" and there will always be someone 180 degrees from you, saying, "You're wrong, you are SO wrong, you couldn't be MORE wrong!" So we all have to decide what is right for us, and not care about what other people think is right or wrong. It's our life, we need to take control of it ourselves.

When I worked in the corporate world, I would never post the kinds of videos I do with my face, I understand we all have jobs/friends/lives, so it is totally understandable to be discreet, especially with the internet and the fact you can have anything you posted copied. I am now VERY lucky to be working on my own, so I don't care about showing my face and I hope that since I am open about my sexuality, that it can make others feel more comfortable about exploring their own. That doesn't mean everyone has to post their face on the internet shoving toys up their ass, but if it makes you feel less shame or guilt knowing that there are other people out there that think similar to you, then I feel like I'm making a difference.

I also think that guys have beers with their friends in a bar together, guy friends watch football together, they work on their cars together, why shouldn't they masturbate together, I think it's just another level of friendship that men can have between themselves and the ultimate kind of male bonding, we all masturbate, why not share it with a buddy?

I'm on skype, just hit me up and say you're from

Physical Profile

Body Type:
5 ft 8 in / 173-174 cm
160-169lbs / 73-77 kg
Eye Color:
Hair Color :
Dark Brown
Hair Length:
Body Hair:
Facial Hair:
Hairy Bodyzones:

About myself

BA/BS (4 years college)
Marital Status:
Time spent online?:
Several hours a day
Social Orientation:
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a non-smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a heavy social drinker
Want kids?:
No way

Turn Ons

All shapes, sizes and colors, what's most important is what is between your ears, attitude is EVERYTHING! Love guys who enjoy life!

Turn Offs

I like to keep an open mind.


Blossom Dearie, Stacey Kent, Gershwin, I love old jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone.

Entertainment, Sports & Hobbies

Exercise regularly
Movies (making),
Television shows:
Movie Categories:
Science Fiction,

About my Partner

Looking for:
Partner Age:
Whole package matters more
Does size matter?:
What he does with it is what matters
Interested in:
Erotic Chat/Email/Phone Fantasies,
1-on-1 sex,
Group sex(3 or more),
Exhibitionism & Voyeurism
Tobacco Preference:
I dont want my partner to smoke

Ideal partner

80% bottom with a big dick, gives me something to hold onto while I fuck him. I like beefy guys! Love handles are hot!

Favorite sexual fantasy

To fuck Bruno up the ass!

In regards to butt toys, I was a top my entire life until I was 45, now I'm 58. There is a reason why guys like something in their ass and it has nothing to do with being passive, or being the "woman" in a sexual relationship, it has to do with prostate stimulation and there are LOT of nerve endings in the ass. We all have lots of hangups about the ass, both about it being a "gay" thing, and about it being dirty, both physically and mentally. Trust me, anal play is very exciting and feels great, but as I mentioned, you need to practice and this is especially true with the ass, as you need to go REALLY slow or it will h-u-r-t like a bitch and you will never want to try it again. If you go slow, and take your time and are relaxed it can be very VERY pleasurable.

Start off with small butt toys (not the huge ones you saw in my Butt Pirate collection). Also, don't go to a sex shop and buy the cheapest ones you can find, as the rubber material could be cheap and have a chemical reaction with your body. That is also a reason some guys put a condom on toys, both to make cleanup easier and also so the rubber material doesn't chemically give them a slight b-u-r-n-i-n-g sensation if it is of poor quality.

You've seen my "Ass Play 101 - How to take a dick up your ass AND enjoy it" video"? It explains a lot about how to start playing with your ass.

Sexual Interests

Sexual Orientation:
Sexual Activities:
Age Play,
Butt Play,
Giving Anal Sex,
Giving Oral Sex,
Making Movies,
Mutual Masturbation,
Public sex,
Receiving Oral Sex,
Role Playing,
Sexually Daring:
I'll try most anything once
Sex, How often?:
All the time
Practice Safe Sex:
Dirty talk during sex?:
Is a must during sex!
Making home videos/pics:
Have a growing collection
Sex, When?:
Most Erogenous zones?:
Role-playing fantasies:
A movie theatre,
A moving vehicle,
In the nature,
A dressing room,
A swimming pool/hot tub,
An airplane,
My bed,
My desk at work,
My yard,
The beach

Sexual Accessories

Willing to experiment
Porn Movies, How often?:
All the time!
Toys, Which?:
Anal/Climax beads,
Butt plugs/probes,
Cock ring
Porn Movies, Which?:
Porn Movies, With?:
With someone else

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6 hours ago Pinned ilikeitilikeitwoaoh

thanks for the private messge very good of you - can you respond with email on my page? (i can not send or respond to private messages)
Also are you whte or latno?

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3 days ago Pinned NikeMike79

Thank you to you too. Big Kisses and Hugs

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4 days ago Pinned DessertZ

Would like to spend hours stretching and twisting your hot nutt bag,

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5 days ago Pinned suitedkyon

kykon en skype

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1 week ago Pinned QWIKER

Can you re upload all of the videos with your macho thong buddy? I get so fucking horny watching it..

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