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I know that even before being pushed from the womb, I came barreling down a hard, pumping cock; the fastest, strongest and luckiest sperm among hundreds of millions of losers! Cock and balls spawned me and I crave cock and balls to nourish me. I am as "for real" as it gets. If you like gloryholes and cocks and cum and piss and all that nasty, tasty stuff that goes with cocksucking, I am your guy! I can get pretty nasty so be prepared. I am an unrepentant and dedicated cock-swallowing, cum-slurping, piss-guzzling jizzjunkie. I sometimes feel guilty that I am not ashamed of that (-; I have never been able to get my fill of semen, though I WILL continue to try! Please watch my vids. Jack-out some loads. Maybe think of me when you piss! If a movie gets you dripping or makes you cum, please make a comment! If you like something, tell me, you'll likely see more. If you think you'd like what I offer (and I happen to know that most of you would) and you're going to be nearby, FEED ME! I do my utmost to provide a great BJ for courteous and appreciative guys. If you get a tingle from my stuff, please rate me highly and often! And yes, I WOULD like to be your friend! If I do this for anonymous strangers, imagine what I will do for my friends!

To the guys who are worried by the port-wine mark on the side of my head: Thank you for your concern, but no, it's not cancer! It's just a birthmark guys, geez! I've had it since day-one... My fam would say that it's where the angel kissed me before I was born. I always found that very funny as a youth, considering my bro has one too... on his ass!

And guys, really, I KNOW you would really, really, like to see "both sides", I know it would be super hot for you. I know you would get off on it, but you might as well not bother asking; it AIN'T gonna happen! No way! I won't compromise the identity of my visitors with a cam on their side. Not gonna put in a hidden cam, not going to sneak-shoot them coming or going, I AM NOT going to record ANYTHING but what they put through the hole. It's dishonest, it's not part of the scene, I am not personally intrigued by it and the guys I blow ARE NOT INTERESTED in being filmed from their side. Period. I like their cocks WAY too much to risk losing the trust of my visitors and access to their delicious loads! Having said that; IF a guy records video from his side, and IF he shares the footage with me to use, I will include it in my videos, as I have in the past. Other than that, you'll have to make do with what you see from my side...

*NOTE*: This is a "No-hate zone": If you don't like my content, don't berate me about it, I don't give a fuck. This isn't "A Clockwork Orange" for fuck's sake; be an adult, close your eyes and DON'T LOOK AT IT! There's a hundred other links to click on every goddam page here; CLICK ONE and look at something else! I have NO patience for people who go out of their way to complain about things they can readily avoid, NO tolerance for hateful or derisive comments on my profile or content and NO problem with using the "Block" feature on people who spew hate and/or instigate conflict. If you object to this policy, go fuck yourself and have a nice day!

Know your HIV status! I'm HIV Negative, get tested OFTEN.

HIV testing is ROUTINE and treatments are very effective. Ask your Doctor to make HIV testing a part of your routine medical screening like I did. Your Dr. won't bat an eye. But if you are nervous about asking, home test-kits are available from your LOCAL DRUGSTORE. OraSure is about $30, it's easy to use and it's worth every penny for the peace of mind it can provide. Don't assume, don't wonder if... KNOW! It's important.

I'm on PrEP: Learn about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis; a preventive treatment for HIV. Recent research shows PrEP is over 95% effective at preventing HIV transmission when taken EVERY DAY. It's also covered by many insurance programs. The manufacturer ALSO offers acces cards that cover your ‘out of pocket’ so there’s no excuses, PLEASE check it out, for yourself and those you love and/or fuck. It's another way to protect yourself and others. Stop HIV transmission! Protect yourself! It's 100% possible to become IMPOZZABLE!

Physical Profile

Best Feature:
I like all my bodyparts!
Body Type:
Few extra pounds
5 ft 11 in / 180-182 cm
220-229lbs / 100-104 kg
Eye Color:
Hair Color :
Dark Brown
Hair Length:
Crew Cut
Body Hair:
Pubic Hair:
Unshaved; Normal
Glasses or Contacts:
Facial Hair:
Body Decorations:
Nose Rings,
Body Piercings,
Cock Piercings
Sexual Diseases:
HIV/AIDS negative and tested regularly,
Vaccinated against Hepatitis A/B

About myself

Time spent online?:
Several hours a day
Spiritual but not religious
Social Orientation:
Tobacco Consumption:
I'm a non-smoker
Alcohol Consumption:
I'm a light social drinker
Want kids?:
No way
Sign Language

Turn Ons

Men and their cocks, balls, asses, mouths and all the other masculine, hairy, smelly, sweaty, sticky parts and pieces. What else is there? Long walks on the beach? Holding hands at sunset? FUCK THAT! Put some tasty, nasty, part of your body in my mouth and let the juices fly! Very interested in guys who aren't afraid to taste their own load in my mouth, I LOVE snowball kisses! HELL, I LOVE KISSES! Kissing is a prerequisite for a deeper connection.

I like to fuck once in a while, but it's not my main thing. Eating ass makes me want to fuck ass, but I won't fuck what I won't eat. A VERY WELL cleaned-out ass is pretty much mandatory before I'll consider much anal play.

The smell of men’s bodies makes me drool! The armpits, the COCK, the musky, steaming asshole, I LOVE IT ALL! Please don’t cover it up with artificial fragrances...

I really like cocks with some hair around them. I like sucking cocks that look like they belong to ADULT men. Seems to be a recent shaving trend among the straight guys. Not sure if the chicks dig it or what, but I think it's a little emasculating. Don't get me wrong, I'll suck 'em; I love cocks, shaved or not! But honestly, this cocksucker LIKES a moist, musky, MANLY bush to plant his nose in when he gets down to the root!

Some guys like to use the 'Donate money' feature. It’s not free heating a busy gloryhole after all! Personally, I have found that guys gifting me money makes me feel like a whore. I've also found that I like feeling like a whore.

If you do make a donation, send me a nice email with the information you want and I’ll dedicate a video to you in a shout-out!

Turn Offs

I don't have a lot of stuff to put here, and I am not really looking for more. For the most part, I'm a live-and-let-live kind of guy and I appreciate the same courtesy extended to me by others. There are some self-righteous pricks on this site (WTF are they doing here?) who want to lecture me about my activities, so that is the biggest turn-off of them all. If there has to be a list, it would look something like this: Please no spammers, hate, flakes, affected femininity, filth, bottled fragrances, dirty OR perfumed penises (that's about the only way to make me gag on a cock and I DO NOT want to gag!), no-shows, liars, disrespect and discourtesy.

I'm sad to have to add more to my list, but haters be hatin' I guess, so I need to throw judgemental assholes on the pile too. There's been an member here who has decided that he/she/it has some moral authority over me and a right to harass me for sucking dicks. An member... Judging me...that's a hoot! Message me privately for the profile names they're using if you'd like to check them out. Sounds like they're just jealous. They don't know me, they don't know what precautions I take, they're ignorant and misinformed and, generally, are useless sacks of scum, so personally, I've blocked 'em.

To any individual or organization viewing my content: my content and images are mine alone. You are specifically disallowed from using, copying or referencing any content posted to my profile here or anywhere for any purpose unless permission is specifically granted for that specific use. You MAY NOT use any postings of video, text or images for research of any kind. Failure to comply will be treated as a breech of my privacy and will be subject to legal action according to local, state and federal law.


Anything I can hum to... I hum when my mouth is full... I hum a lot...

Work & Living Environment

Full Time
Living Arrangement:
Family and friends visit often
Fast food,

Entertainment, Sports & Hobbies

Sports Orientation:
Not Interested
Exercise occasionally
Live music/Music,
Wine tasting
Television shows:
Movie Categories:
Science Fiction,
Music Styles:
Alternative Rock,
Broadway & Vocalists,
Classic Rock,
Dance & DJ,
New Age,
Pop/Top 40,
Rock 'n Roll
Favorite Books:

About my Partner

Looking for:
Partner Age:
Whole package matters more
Does size matter?:
Size doesn't matter at all
Interested in:
1-on-1 sex,
Discreet Relationship,
Group sex(3 or more),
Other "Alternative" Activities
Alcohol Preference:
I want my partner to drink lightly
Tobacco Preference:
I dont mind if my partner smokes lightly

Ideal partner

Dark, hairy, burly, loves to kiss, loves to fuck, always ready to unload, pisses like a racehorse and has 24 penises of varying size, color, smell, flavor and output.

Favorite sexual fantasy

I really dig sucking guys off. I wish that the guys here who watched my movies would actually come to the gloryhole and get their cocks in my mouth! Some guys think it's "cheating" I guess, but I don't think of it the same way. I am not going to get emotionally entangled, I am not going to beg you to "leave that bitch", I am not going to call you at midnight because I heard a bump in the night! My throat is a masturbation toy for needy dicks. Getting you off (and maybe drìnking your cockwater) is ALL I want from you. Your cock size, orientation, politics and appearance are irrelevant. What you got boiling in those balls and having a functioning feed-pipe are all I care about!

Sexual Interests

Sexual Activities:
Glory Holes,
Group Sex,
Giving Oral Sex,
Making Movies,
Piss Play,
Public sex,
Receiving Oral Sex
Sexually Daring:
I'll try most anything once
Sex, How often?:
Practice Safe Sex:
Anal Only
Dirty talk during sex?:
Sometimes I really get into it
Making home videos/pics:
I'm practically a pornstar
Sex, When?:
Late Night,
A dark back alley,
A movie theatre,
In the nature,
My yard
Fetish parties,
Adult theatres,
Dungeon clubs

Sexual Accessories

Porn Movies, How often?:
All the time!
Porn Movies, Which?:
Porn Movies, With?:
By myself,
With a partner,
With someone else

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1 week ago Pinned njfeetpits

I’m into masculine manscents, too. Watching you just smell a guy’s bush and balls is hot. Feet put me over the edge and I cum in seconds.

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3 weeks ago Pinned rickbgoh

I enjoy your vids, twitter and the podcasts, great to see your great exposure and follow along.

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1 month ago Pinned Bikermenfrommars

I asked my doctor today and he said a blowjob should only last less than 10 minutes, Blowjobs are not suppose to last long,

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1 month ago Pinned Cumdump555cum

So hot your sense of humor is great too

(0 votes) 0%


2 months ago Pinned billthompson

After a few years enjoying an cumming to your vids, I'm finally able to write something before the hands get all lubed up for another session! Love your postings! Especially when you lick noses and asses. And when you finger an ass while sucking... well my nut's really enjoy watching those moments! Thanks.

(0 votes) 0%

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